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ecoming a new parent can be an anxious time as you take on the responsibility for your tiny baby. Diapering your newborn is one of them, especially with squirming baby, often gets difficult to manage both of them simultaneously. It’s essential to keep their bottom dry, clean and rash — free as they will be going to wear diapers every day for about two to three years. For my little one, I had always ensured that diapers should be comfortable and cozy, enticing me to find a diaper that would suits my baby’s needs and my lifestyle.

Until your baby is about four months old, it is expected to go through up to 8 disposable diapers each day. You can stock up on additional diapers when are in sale or buying in bulk but beware, you don’t buy too many in a size that your baby is likely to grow out of soon.

Though, I am an ardent fan of washable, reusable cloth diapers. They have waterproof outer layer, extra absorbent pads and liners if required. Mostly 20 to 25 cloth diapers last long for about 3 years. Also, they are environment-friendly, help save money and reduce waste. Whereas, disposable diapers are not bio-degradable and loaded with potential chemicals which can be harsh for your baby’s soft and gentle skin. Cloth diapers come up with adjustable snap buttons to provide your baby, a snug fit just like disposable ones.

Many cloth diapers need to be prepped before use by washing once for first time, to get to full absorbency, it’s likely they will get softer over time. And they are available in so many cute, adorable prints, to match up with little one’s clothes. Its so much of obsession; sounds weird but it’s true!! Among so many brands, for me “SuperBottoms” work better. Ask for the trial packs to be sure you are happy with the system before investing in it.

You can even try their “new born cloth diapers” as well, for 0 to 6 months baby. But cloth diapers may require diligence, especially with newborns, so do prefer which works best according to your lifestyle. Every time you changing diapers, clean new born bottoms with damp cotton or washcloth (no soap) and wipe in his creases to make sure you have cleaned everything. Try doubling up cloth diapers at night or when you go out. And change them frequently to avoid skin chafing and diaper rash.

Cleaning and washing cloth diapers, can be intimidating initially, just follow the brand guidelines. Once dirty, rinse them under warm water immediately. Till your baby breastfeed, this step is not required. Use plenty of detergent and you can run additional rinse cycle in machine to make sure all detergent has been washed off from diapers. I prefer washing cloth diapers alone, with no other clothes, in steam mode. Keep it simple, avoid any fabric softener as guided by many brands.

Most babies get diaper rash, caused by skin becoming wet. Diaper rash can be scary, looks red and sore and sometimes spread all over. Apply diaper rash cream which contains zinc-oxide for healing. Best way to avoid them, is to give diaper free time each day and change diapers often. Consult your pediatrician if it’s consistent and severe. Massaging baby with oil (I preferred cold pressed coconut oil) every day keep their skin supple, and also adds a protective barrier to prevent it from drying out, minimizing the risk of diaper rash.

Changing diapers is one aspect of caring for your baby that dads too can help with. This can allow him to feel involved and encourage the bonding process.

So, mommies, don’t worry, overtime you will get used to diapering. As with other baby items, figuring out works best for you and your baby comes with trial and error. You may decide you want to try a different type of diaper, perhaps to save money or to use more eco-friendly brand. Or combining diapers, may be using cloth diapers while at home and switching to more absorbent disposables ones, when out or at night, allowing you to easily dispose soiled diaper rather than carrying dirty cloth diaper around you. Remember, there are no wrong approaches!!



From the moment your baby is placed in your arms,your life change for ever. Welcome to motherhood ,Dr.Ankita Gupta (Orthodontist) Mom of one

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From the moment your baby is placed in your arms,your life change for ever. Welcome to motherhood ,Dr.Ankita Gupta (Orthodontist) Mom of one